Troubled, beautiful borderlands, hope in the Bogside
  1. Free DerrySensing that this time peace, however grudging, is for real in the north of Ireland
  2. North Antrim coastline – varied, dramatic and beautiful with marvellous views across to the Scottish coast.
  3. Wild, empty Donegal rattled by winds and by history
  4. The Bogside and Derry city  
  5. The Sperrin Hills – open and unspoilt

A privilege to explore so freely a region emerging from gruesome civil conflict.  Tourism infrastructure is developing but there are still a lot of gaps.  As always in Ireland the welcome is enthusiastic. The natural beauty and variety of the coast is distinctive. The Sperrin Hills are a delight.  Visual contrasts between the plantation towns and the street villages reflect the deep social divisions. Donegal is very wild and very beautiful, part of the Republic but focused on Derry and beyond.  Lough Foyle has sheltered, gentle shores but the crossing at Magilligan Point is a reminder of darker days. Derry itself dominates our memories.  The old city is full of interest but the chance to meet folk from the Bogside via the community tours must not be missed.
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