Haunting, beautiful western Ireland, once devastated by famine
  1. The great limestone dome of the Burren, with its shifting shades and moods, rich but fragile flora
  2. Poulnabroune dolmen - great icon of the region, evocative, compelling location
  3. Famine fields on Inisheer, with potato crop in just one half acre.
  4. Boat journeys to Moher Cliffs and to Inisheer
  5. Dolphins scything effortlessly through turbulent high tide near Doolin
  6. Newgrange – magnificent Neolithic sites in Boyne Valley, superbly presented and managed for maximum public access

The Burren can be stark and gentle by turns, its vast beauty enhanced by proximity to the wild Atlantic. Its emptiness still speaks of the Great Famine which hit the remote west so hard. The islands are magical, special guardians still of Gaelic – but Galway Bay can be very rough.  The cliffs of Moher, a tourist honeypot, make a dangerous playground. Leave the beaten tracks, go to the lonely, tranquil headlands and beaches where wildlife flourishes and the tides rule.  Much more to discover here, especially from the past, some of it disturbing and melancholy.
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