Ancient histories in lush Dorset, quarrying in Portland
  1. Jurassic CoastThe Jurassic Coast and the beautiful Dorset coastline
  2. Chesil Beach – visually mesmerising stretch of pebble shoreline.
  3. Shocking a Priest with the Cerne Abbas Giant
  4. Abbotsbury swannery – serene, engaging colony of birds with its own very long history
  5. Isle of Portland – industrial, custodial, trap for shipping, quarried extensively for the prince of all building stones.

Dorset is a playground for holidays but much more as well, rich in every sense, with deep histories and telling landscapes.  It is easy to relish the lushness, visual beauty and mild climate; but challenging sites and connections stand at every turn for those with eyes to see. Fossil-bearing cliffs, extensive Neolithic settlements, hill forts, castles, exquisite manor houses, matchless villages, literary connections – the mind spins.  Close by but very different lies Portland, a harsh bead of rock against which Chesil Beach was formed, and an unforgiving obstacle to shipping.  Can quarried stone be exciting?  If ever so, then it is here.
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