Wild sea journeys and coastal ventures
  1. The Pemrokeshire CoastThe evening light on the coast
  2. Thousands of Shearwater on Ramsay Sound, returning to Skomer.
  3. Journey to the Smalls, searching in vain for whales.
  4. Gannet colony on Grassholm
  5. Horse riding on the sand at Bride's Bay

West Wales is Devon/Cornwall without the crowds, especially to the northern (St Davids) spur of St Bride’s Bay.  Wonderful coastal scenery and sunsets.  There is a superb range of wildlife to be enjoyed by boat for those with good sea-legs. You need time and fair weather to reach the islands of Skomer and Skokholm.
St David's itself became more intriguing by the day, a modest settlement, heavily anglicised, with the overwhelming Cathedral below. The Preseli Hills are within reach, renowned for connections with Stonehenge but more deservedly famed from prehistory for their healing qualities.
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